What we are

The Reel Stars Student Film Festival was developed by a consortium of Media Arts teachers in Coquitlam, who felt there was a need for a “localized” event, whereby more student films could be recognized. The Reel Stars Film Festival represents an opportunity for a larger number of students to have their films viewed in a public forum, regardless of whether or not they have won an award. The deadline for entries this year is THURSDAY, May 31st, 2018. The Awards Gala is a LIVE STREAMING event, which will take place on TUESDAY, JUNE 12TH. Time of the broadcast will be announced soon.


Submission Info

• Submission date: Thursday, May 31st, 2018
• Movie submission cost: FREE :)
• Criteria/production details: All films need to be created wholly by students...this includes production, direction and all technical aspects. The use of adults in non-creative roles (advice, acting, monetary support, etc) IS allowed. If in doubt, please check with your instructor, who in turn, will check with the committee members for clarification, if required. Alternatively, you may contact the committee directly through email (see contact page). All films must have been completed within 12 months of the entry deadline. Total running time, including credits, can not exceed 8 minutes. All movies must conform to a PG Rating.
NOTE: You must submit a 10-15 second CLIP (like at the Oscars) with your movie. No credits or text overlays on this.



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